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Terms and Conditions of Use

Who can be a Flytographer Affiliate?

We are inclusive and welcome all to become an affiliate partner. We do have some exclusions when it comes to the type of businesses, services and websites we approve. We welcome any website operator that runs a family-friendly website, subject to our program’s terms and conditions.

Qualified Referral

Referral window is 120 days. (ie. A customer has 120 days to book a photo shoot from the time they click they affiliate’s link for the affiliate to earn credit for the booking.)


Financial transactions will be processed in USD currency.

Currency exchanges will occur when you or your partner(s) have set a different default currency in account settings.

Change Notification Period
The Contract can be changed or cancelled with 1 day(s) notification to the affiliate.

Cancellation/Reversal Policy
Referral transactions can be reversed 100% if the customer cancels their booking.

Don’t use terminology such as “paparazzi” to describe Flytographer.
Do not use images or other branding that has not been provided by Flytographer.

Additional Commission Terms
Affiliates qualify for commission only if the purchase is the customer’s first purchase and the customer doesn’t have an existing Flytographer account.

Affiliates will be paid commission 30 days after the customer makes a purchase as long as the order has not been refunded. Please see our payment FAQs for details.

Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) Restrictions

You may not bid on any of our Restricted Terms (defined below), including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content- based campaigns on Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network.
“Restricted Terms” means any of the following terms: Flytographer, Flytographer LLC, flytographer.com, www.flytograpehr.com, Flytographer coupon, Flytographer discount code, Flytographer discount, Flytographer promo code, Flytographer sale, Flytographer promo, Flytographer sales, Flytographer deals.

You may not use our Restricted Terms, including any variations or misspellings as per above in sequence with any other keyword.

You may not use our Restricted Terms in your ad title, ad copy, display name or as the display URL.
You may not use any of our trademarked terms as part of the domain or sub-domain for Your Website.
You may not direct link to the Site from any PPC ad or use redirects that yield the same result. Customers must be directed to an actual page on Your Website.

You may not bid in any manner appearing higher than us for any search term in positions 1-5 in any auction-style PPC advertising program.

If you automate your PPC campaigns, it is your responsibility to exclude our trademarked terms from your marketing and related activities and we strongly suggest you add our trademarked terms as negative keywords.
We have a strict no tolerance policy on PPC trademark bidding. We will not enter a discussion about when the violation started and when it stopped; you will forfeit all Affiliate Fees for a minimum of the past 30 days, your Affiliate Fee balance will be set to $0 without warning, and we may terminate your participation in the Program at our discretion.

Flytographer Messaging Guidelines

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is a vacation photography company that connects travellers with hand-picked local photographers in over 350+ destinations for fun, candid vacation photo shoots. Our photographers not only capture incredible memories but are amazing resources for what to eat, see and do in each city. Discover the magic for yourself.

Flytographer demographic:
United States
25-65 years old
In a long term relationship
May or may not have children

The booking process: https://www.flytographer.com/about/

Present Flytographer as a premium brand that focuses on quality of photos, experience, and customer service

Don’t use terminology such as “paparazzi” to describe Flytographer.
Do not use images or other branding that has not been provided by Flytographer.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of the Agreement. It is your responsibility to check the Agreement periodically for changes. We may also, at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion, modify or discontinue the Sites or Site Content or terminate or restrict your access to the Sites.