When you really love a product or service do you just want to tell everyone you know so they can have the same experience?
We are super excited to announce our first referral program! Sign up as a Flytographer Ambassador, s
pread the word, and earn FlyBucks towards future shoots or gift card purchases. Your friends will save $25 if they book from your personal Flytographer link.

How it Works

  1. Generate your own "personal Flytographer link" by entering your email into the box below. A copy of your link and instructions for how to log in to see your referrals will be sent to your email. 
  2. Share your link with family and friends. When they book their first shoot, they save $25 USD and you earn a $25 USD credit ('FlyBucks') towards a future shoot or gift card. You can share your 'personal Flytographer link' instantly below, and you will also receive your link by email to share again and again.
  3. See how many credits you've earned. Login to our dashboard anytime and see how your credits are stacking up! Email concierge@flytographer.com to redeem your credits when you are ready to book a shoot or buy a gift card.

Ambassador Program Terms:

Credits (FlyBucks) can accumulate, be combined and cashed in at anytime. Example: You refer 6 friends who book - you now have $150 in FlyBucks. Simply email our concierge and apply the entire amount, or just part of it to your next booking or gift card purchase.

FlyBucks will only apply a credit the first time your friends/family book off your personal Flytographer link (tracked via cookies). If the same friend books a second time, it will not apply.

We reserve the right to cancel Flytographer's Ambassador Program at anytime, and will honour all 'FlyBucks' earned until that date. We will notify everyone in the program via email if the program is cancelled. 

FlyBucks are not transferable or redeemable for cash. They can't be used towards print purchases, only bookings and gift cards.

FlyBucks can’t be applied to previously booked shoots.

FlyBucks can’t be combined with other offers, discounts or commissions.

There is no limit on the FlyBucks you can earn.  But play fair! Flytographer reserves the right to remove abusers/spammers from the Ambassador Program.