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I am a Brazilian native who calls the gorgeous Emerald Isle a second home. My passion is the authentic simplicity of life, a cup of coffee, nature, and my camera. Growing up in a charming and tight-knit small town taught me how to enjoy happiness in the small wonders of life. Having this as my essence, I've developed my style as natural as the blue sky, fresh as green grass, and fun as life must be.

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    Languages Spoken: Portuguese and English
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: The iconic Ha'penny Bridge and Temple Bar District, as well as St. Stephen's Green. These are all lovely places at any time of the day, with so much nature and natural light and good vibes.

Three Things

  1. After successfully completing my studies in Pedagogy, specializing in early years education, I had a fulfilling career as a Montessori Teacher for almost a decade. Yet, I always had a feeling that I was missing something. I have always loved photography and it was something that had always been there but I had never imagined myself making it into a way of life. Now, I feel fulfilled and my days are dedicated to capturing precious moments, documenting happiness, and preserving cherished memories for others.
  2. I love my morning yoga practices, having a cup of coffee with my husband, and taking care of my plants.
  3. Well, as an adventurous soul, during my first-ever European trip (to Italy), a remarkable incident left an unforgettable mark on my journey. It was during my first snowfall. My friends and I hatched a plan to slide down a small cliff using plastic bags as makeshift sleds. I mean, what can go wrong right!? As the bravest of the bunch, I found myself sliding a bit too far over the edge and, regrettably, fell over my leg. We all laughed until seconds later the adrenaline started to wear off and the pain settled in. A broken leg. We ran to the hospital and the talented Italian medical team intervened and implanted a titanium plate in my leg, leaving me with a unique Italian souvenir. I gained an unforgettable memento and a memorable phrase from the hospital: "Vorrei fare pipì," which means "I would like to pee." On the bright side, I earned the unofficial title of the longest slide champion.

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Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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