Epic East Coast Road Trip to D.C. with 6 Kids!

Photographer: Elisenda |
Route: Custom Route, Washington DC, United States


United States
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Travel Story

Our family takes a road trip every summer - it's the only way for our family of eight to see the country economically. Because our oldest starts college this year and he's the only one who had been to D.C., we decided it was this summer, or never, to head to the east coast. We made stops in New Orleans, Auburn, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Fairfax, Washington, D.C., Knoxville, Little Rock and Dallas during our 13-day trip, but the definite highlight was our nation's capital. Our private tour of the Capitol, courtesy of our Congressman, being present for the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery and soaking our tired feet in the fountain at the WWII Memorial were right at the top for our best memories of the vacation. The 3,700 miles we clocked from Austin, Texas, to D.C. and back were filled with good jokes, lots of road trip games, a few sibling fights, a bazillion potty breaks and a whole lot of spectacular people and places.

Travel Tips

Get up early, it's worth it to see the city before it gets blazing hot! The best bathrooms are in the Supreme Court, there's a great strip of restaurants along Pennsylvania Avenue not far from the Capitol, the metro is your friend and pack good walking shoes! There's so much to see. The memorials are all moving in their own way and the Archives will blow your mind. The single best thing we did was book a morning session with Elisenda, our Flytographer, and then we were off to explore the city. What a spectacular time we had in the district!

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