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Nestled in a protected harbour on the Italian Riviera, Portofino - once a sleepy fishing village - is now a hotspot for everyone from city day-trippers to fashionable global glitterati. Perched along the yacht-studded turquoise sea, colourful rows of houses and stately castles watch over the magnificent display below of la dolce vita, enjoyed to full extent on Portofino's lively walkways and terraces.

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I love photography and natural photos, and enjoy stealing those unique moments with my camera. Most of my work is as a wedding photographer, but I love to take photos of families, engagement, and babies as well. I collaborate on the online magazine Season Mag and TuCrea. I've been featured on Wedding Wonderland and Bride in Italy blog.

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I started my career as a performing arts photographer while I was studying Humanities. I believe that photography is the best medium for capturing relationships, and so I can synthesize my approach to photography with this quote from Wim Wenders: “In order to be the subject of a photograph, love has to be an attitude of the look."

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I am Ukrainian lifestyle & travel photographer/retoucher with a worldwide work experience. I love natural light, portraits and fashion photography! I love everything unusual and aesthetically beautiful. I strive to capture true emotions and real connection between people. Every smile, touch, and wink is magical and I do my best to catch these special moments with my camera.  

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