Flytographer Testimonials in Catania

Check out how past customers rated their experience in Catania below.

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“ It was fun wandering the streets of Catania with Giuseppe and Giuseppe. He also spoke about the history and sites we visited during our photo shoot. He was great at testing the light in the area and take the best shot. ”

“ Deborah is awesome! She was very friendly, easy to work with and guided us throughout the session. Her work with light and shadow is excellent! We are so glad she was our photographer! ”

“ Deborah is fantastic - she took us all around the Catania historic streets, giving us a brief history and description of the sites. All the while, she took our photos and gave us tips on what to see in the city and had endless energy. ”

“ They work well together bringing unique shots. I loved that one would point out a colorful orange juice cart for an impromptu shot, and then accept and direct my suggestion for a girls-only shot in front of a random door. They are timely, friendly and fun! ”

“ Fun to work with, great tour of Catania. Her shoe broke and she immediately knew about a tiny shop that could glue it back together, taking some amazing candid pics in the meantime. ”