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Best Things to Do in Calgary

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Michela's Travel Tips for Calgary

What is your best overall travel tip for Calgary?

A lot of people go to Banff or Lake Louise as soon as they fly into Calgary. While those locations are obviously breathtakingly beautiful, Calgary has a lot going on! I am a born and bred Calgarian, and every time I come back, there's always something new to check out. Areas of honorable mention include Stephen Ave, the New Central Library (which I still have yet to check out!), walking around the Glenmore Reservoir, Kensington Village, Fishcreek Park, Riverwalk/Prince's Island Park, and Inglewood. I know I'm missing other cool spots, but I would recommend renting a car and seeing what you can find!

Visited Calgary in December

Photo Shoot Location: St. Patrick's Island

Lyndsay in Calgary for Flytographer

anjali's Travel Tips for Calgary

What is your best overall travel tip for Calgary?

Don't overlook the "other" national parks: Kootenay and Yoho. Our favorite memories

Visited Calgary in July

Photo Shoot Location: Custom Route

Lyndsay in Calgary for Flytographer

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