How to Propose in Baltimore

Featured Baltimore Proposal Tips
  • Choose a special location to pop the question in Baltimore
  • Practice getting down on one knee beforehand
  • Think about what you will say
  • Make reservations so you have a reason to dress up
  • Hire a proposal photographer to plan and capture the moment

Since 2013, Flytographer has captured thousands of surprise proposal photos all around the globe. Explore romantic proposal ideas and tips from real couples, including their top proposal ideas and tips, and the best ways and the best places to propose in Baltimore. Explore our customers’ heartwarming Baltimore proposal stories below.

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Jon & Anne Xin's Proposal Story in Baltimore

How did you meet?


What is your love story?

She helped me plan my 24th birthday party. I had asked her before we got to the venue if she could tally on my arm each alcoholic beverage I consumed. Although I did not remember everything that happened that night, I woke up with an arm full of tallies. She pretty much followed me around the entire night ensuring I got an accurate count of how much I had to drink because she knew how important it was to me. A couple of days later, on my actual birthday, we met up again in NYC and she was the only girl to treat me to Japanese and surprise me with tempura fried ice cream. Back home in NJ, we spent hours talking on her driveway about deep topics. I’ve never met a girl who was so open, vulnerable and so easy to talk to. Over the years of being together, she has shown me how amazing of a person she is. When you’re that amazing, it’s not hard to see that this is the person I want to marry.

What made you choose this proposal destination?

We lived together in Baltimore for almost 8 years. We have created many memories there. It is home. This city means a lot to us.

What is your proposal story?

We had planned on taking a trip back to Italy, and this is where I planned on proposing. I even reached out to a couple of photographers in Venice. Plans changed and we never got around to booking our trip. We ended up going to a lot of other destinations, and each one I thought about doing it there. These trips were all planned last minute and it felt too rushed. Time flew, and I realized our 12 year anniversary was coming up. I’ve had the ring in my possession for over half a year now. Although 13 is my favorite number, I did not want to wait another year. I wanted our 12 year anniversary to be very special, so I made the decision I was going to propose on that day. I found out about Flytographer from a Google search and took a leap of faith. They linked me with Elis, and we had been in constant communication planning the proposal. A few days before the planned date, Anne Xin got COVID. Luckily for me, I only had to wait an extra week because Elis was so accommodating and flexible and fit me into her busy schedule. Leading up to the revised date, I told Anne Xin that we were going to have a postponed anniversary celebration. She asked me if she should dress up, and I told her to look at the outfit I picked out for myself to help her decide on what to wear. She saw that I picked out a dress shirt (which I rarely wear) and I had also mentioned to her that I’d be taking some photos. She had some ideas in her head, but wasn’t certain on what was happening. She told me later on that she woke up that morning feeling ready to say “yes” if there was a proposal and said she would’ve been disappointed if there wasn’t one. We drove to Mt. Vernon, I popped open the trunk to sneak the ring box in my back pocket without her seeing, and walked to the location where I was going to pop the question. She said she saw Elis from a distance pointing the camera in our direction, so she had a suspicion. But it wasn't until I said “with that being said” and started getting down on one knee that it actually hit her. The proposal and photo shoot far exceeded any expectations she had and the day was “picture perfect”.

Best tip for proposing in Baltimore

Mt. Vernon was a great location for a proposal and the photos turned out amazing. Baltimore in general is a very “charming” city and I think it is a great place to get engaged. The people sitting by the flower bed minded their own business and allowed us to feel as if it was just the two of us there.

Proposed in Baltimore in August

Photo Shoot Location: Mount Vernon

Elisenda in Baltimore for Flytographer

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