Flytographer: Marta in Venice

Summertime; the season for seeking sun-soaked adventure, lounging around the largest body of water you can plant your umbrella next to, and the headliners you’ve all been waiting for: the weddings.

With all that sun-shining, flower-blooming, bird-chirping magic, summertime is the finest time to get those wedding bells a-ringing and celebrate love with the ones who matter most.

But before the I dos, before the clinking glasses and the tears of joy, comes, perhaps, one of the most stressful parts of planning or attending a wedding.

The gifts, of course!

Flytographer: Gusmank in Bali

Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking to add something fun to your registry, or are a guest in search of the perfect wedding gift, we have 5 great reasons why a Flytographer vacation photo shoot is the best gift card for any wedding occasion this season.

Flytographer: Chelsea in  Honolulu

1. Experiences trump things

Think of the last wedding you attended — how many gravy boats and personalised bath towels lay among the piles of boxes and bags that crowded the gift table?

Instead of adding to the load of holiday serving platters and engraved stemware that is too pretty to use, opt for a unique gift that can be enjoyed and experienced as a pair, because those experiences will forge an even deeper connection between the couple.

Flytographer: Božo in Split

For a romantic stroll down the narrow streets of Rome, an adventurous moped ride along the coast of Tulum, and everything in between, Flytographer is the perfect power-up to any vacation, and our travel photo shoots are a fun way to capture the glow of wedded bliss with memories that won’t fade away.

Flytographer: Elena in Lake Como

2. Gift cards are a fast fix with endless possibilities

For those who simply cannot commit hours to hunting down the perfect present, a gift card is a fast and easy solution to wedding gift woes that can be delivered online in just a few clicks, or printed at home for hand delivery.

Flytographer: Adil in Marrakesh

Our gift certificates give you all the conveniences of a standard gift card, but the similarities stop there.

Flytographer gives travellers the gift of memories through stunning vacation photo shoots, so rather than handing over a shopping mall gift card they may never make use of, you’ll be giving them a way to treasure their travels for years to come.

Flytographer: Olga in Paris

3. Perfect to celebrate any wedding occasion

Whether it’s commemorating a marriage with a celebratory engagement trip, endless giggling on a weekend bachelorette getaway before the big day, or getting lost in the romantic bliss of a honeymoon, travel is known to come with the nuptial territory.

But post-wedding highs and the bubbling excitement of smaller events leading up to the main event deserve more than a quick selfie-stick pic, n’est-ce pas?

Flytographer: Cheryl in Miami

Capture every smile, every laugh, every reach of the hand with a honeymoon photo shoot, grab the glow of a lived-in love with milestone anniversary photos, or a just-because vacation, because you never need an occasion to celebrate love.

Flytographer: Rita in Lisbon

4. A wedding gift with global reach

What would you say to a gift you can redeem anywhere in the world that has no blackout windows or expiration dates?

Now in more than 200 cities worldwide, you can find a Flytographer in almost every popular vacation and honeymoon destination, not to mention our photographers waiting to capture the magic of an off-the-beaten-path adventure in some of the planet’s lesser known gems.

Flytographer: Peter in Kuala Lumpur

A gift that’s ultra-versatile, the recipient can choose from any Flytographer destination when they redeem their voucher, which they can use in 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years, without ever worrying about expiration dates.

Flytographer: Kimonas in Santorini

5. Flytographer captures memories that last a lifetime

Forget the bath towels — give them money-can’t-buy memories to epitomize and eternalize their love with something that will survive the wear and tear of the years (and the washing machine).

Flytographer: Nadine in Cape Town

Giving a Flytographer voucher is like gifting a gallery of smiles and laughter that stand the test of time, and the ability to relive the magic of travel again and again, long after the plane has landed and the bags are unpacked.

Flytographer: Sonya in Florence

After all, a picture isn’t only worth a thousand words —  it’s also a lifetime of memories.


Ready to purchase a vacation photo shoot for a couple you know?

Simply head on over to our gift card section to enter in the couple’s details, choose from a 30 to 180 minute photo shoot package, the occasion, and a personalized message, and you’re on your way to sweeping the competition with a thoughtful and unique gift that’s a step above the rest.

Flytographer: Bri in NYC

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Happy nuptials.