We have such a powerful camera in our back pockets … our iPhones! 

Are you ready to take your photos from “ok” to “WOW”? With a little practice, you can capture beautiful memories that can easily earn a coveted spot on the walls of your home, pride of place in your social media or printed out in a photo book. Here’s our guide to taking better photos, editing them like a pro and sharing them with the world. Let’s get started creating everyday photos that you’ll love!

What are presets? 

Presets are the easiest way to transform your photos into beautiful memories with minimal effort. A preset essentially turns a series of predefined, individual edits into one click. Want to know a secret? Presets are what most professional photographers use when editing their photos, but they are available for everyone. Get started by downloading the Lightroom Mobile app on your phone; it comes pre-loaded with a variety of presets in colour, black & white, creative styles and more.

Why should I be using presets? 

Not only does it save you a lot of editing time, it’s also an easy way to make your photos look cohesive. If you’ve ever wondered how the photographers and influencers you follow on Instagram have such an aesthetically pleasing grid of photos that look good together, they are likely using a preset to achieve this look. While using presets are a shortcut to editing photos, it’s worth noting that not all photos are created equal and some photos might require minor adjustments (such as brightness or saturation) after applying the preset. Once you make the necessary subtle tweaks, your photo will look picture-perfect.

How do presets work? 

Presets were made to make a photographer’s life easy. So naturally, there are only four simple steps to be on your way to better everyday photos using the Flytographer Collection, with our pack of 6 custom-made Lightroom presets.

  1. Download Lightroom mobile app (free) and/or the desktop version (paid). 
  2. Purchase the Flytographer Collection Lightroom Presets.
  3. Download the collection to your device and upload to your Lightroom app.
  4. Apply the presets to your photos in one click and tweak until perfect!

If you have more questions about presets, visit our Preset FAQ.

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What are the best apps for editing my iPhone photos? 

We recommend using the Lightroom mobile app to edit photos on your camera roll. This app is free and allows you to creatively control the light and elements of your photo. We also recommend trying VSCO and Snapseed. They each offer the basic editing tools, such as adjusting exposure, contrast, etc., but they have their own unique features as well to transform your image. VSCO offers a large variety of presets and filters to play with, and they even have presets that can make your photos look like film. Snapseed features unique tools like brushes to edit specific parts of your photos, creating double exposure images (two images layered together), and a lens blur to create the bokeh effect. Finally, TouchRetouch is a powerful tool for removing photobombers, smoothing flyaway hair or blemishes, and making unsightly distractions like power lines and trash disappear.

How can I choose photos to share? 

When you feel confident in your final images, it’s time to share them with the world! If you want to create a layout and post your photos on your Instagram grid, try using Later, the #1 Instagram planner and scheduler. You can organize your content, schedule posts and plan out the look and feel of your feed, all in one app! In order to create a visually appealing feed, try posting a variety of photos, such as a close-up shot, a landscape shot and a group shot in a row for visual interest. By using the same editing style or presets, your feed will look cohesive and on point!

How can I display my printed photos?

Check out our blog post on how to display your printed photos and learn how to print your Flytographer photos right through your dashboard! You can also use an app called Planoly to plan your gallery wall; it helps by organizing the order in which you hang the photos. If you like planning the old-fashioned way, print out your favourite images (because we all need more prints in our lives!) and rearrange them by hand. Too many photos to count? Create photo albums with easy-to-use services like ChatBooks or Artifact Uprising to create tangible heirlooms filled with precious memories.

While there are thousands of apps for transforming your images, none of them can hold the phone and take the photo for you. When it’s time to get everyone in front of the camera together, hire a Flytographer to capture the magic for you. Ensure everyone is included in your precious travel (or hometown!) memories together, especially when selfie just won’t do. Our friendly local photographers around the world can’t wait to meet you!

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