What could be better than charting new territory with your newlywed partner in crime?

The honeymoon is one of the first journeys a couple navigates together as newlyweds, and we loved seeing what special spots our “Just Married” travellers discovered this year across the globe:

Taylor and Kyle in Santorini

Favourite Memory: “Walking through the streets of Oia and relaxing during the beautiful sunsets of Greece.”

Inspiration: “We loved the beauty of the islands and the culture of Greece!”

(Flytographers) Bayu and Ivony in Budapest

“Visiting Europe was always on our bucket list. We love to visit places we’ve never been to. So right after we decided our wedding date, we booked a ticket to Europe right away! We spent more time in preparing our Europe trip than on our wedding. After deciding which country to visit, we started to consider which Flytographer we’d like to engage to capture our honeymoon. We then decided to do Paris with Olga, Rome with Roberta, and Budapest with Roky!

“Our last destination for a Flytographer photoshoot was Budapest. It had been recommended by Gusmank (our fellow Flytographer friend in Bali) since Budapest is a very beautiful city. When we arrived there and enjoyed our first sunset, we knew exactly why Gusmank loves Budapest. This city has one of the best sunsets that we’ve ever seen. The sunset view from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge and Buda Castle is so stunning. We just simply sat down on the hill to enjoy the sunset and look at the view of Budapest, Chain Bridge and the Parliament Building.”

Heather and Adam in Bali

Favourite Memory: “Watching the sunrise with my new husband on top of Mount Batur.”

Inspiration: “Adam and I were gifted a Flytographer session as a wedding present from our close friends. It was the perfect gift. The Flytographer session allowed us to capture amazing photos on our honeymoon in Bali! We will always treasure these photos and think of the friends that gifted them to us.” 

Katherine and her husband in Cartagena

Favourite Memory: “I surprised my husband by locating Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s former home and led him there. He loved it!”

Inspiration: “We visited Cartagena, Colombia for our honeymoon! My now-husband and I first connected over the literature of Gabrial Garcia Marquez, and so when it came time to choose a honeymoon destination, Cartagena, the city that inspired the Nobel Prize-winning author, seemed a natural fit!”

Alexandra and Peter in Rome

Favourite Memory: “Being able to experience Rome with my husband! We enjoyed the views, food and culture!”

Inspiration: “After seven years of being together we finally tied the knot! We decided on Europe for our honeymoon! Rome was an absolutely amazing way to celebrate the beginning of our love!”

Kristen and Jeff in Maui

“Our Maui Flytographer for our babymoon was Marie, and our pre-shoot correspondence was easy and stress-free. She picked two spots for us to have our shoot and they were gorgeous, (luckily) fairly secluded, and less than a 10-minute drive from our resort. Marie was personable, super easy-going, and my husband and I agreed that we never felt awkward or uncomfortable around her shooting/directing style. We ended the shoot with her giving us a few recommendations on where to eat and hugs goodbye. It felt like having a close friend do our photo shoot.”

Inspiration: “My husband and I have travelled a bit before deciding to settle down and have a family. When we found out we were expecting, and subsequently, were planning our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to go somewhere sunny, near the ocean (and where I can flaunt my new bump), and somewhere not too far from home. Maui was the perfect destination.”

KristiAnna and Bill in Saigon

“We had just travelled to Palau for our wedding and since we live on Guam, we wanted to go somewhere fairly close and accessible for our honeymoon. We also agreed we wanted to go somewhere neither of us had ever been. Vietnam was definitely on top of the list and we were so glad we chose to visit. The people were beautiful. The food was delicious and the city has so much to offer. We spent seven days between Saigon and Hanoi and came home ready to plan our next adventure as husband and wife.”

Samantha and her husband in Tokyo

“My husband and I took a two-month honeymoon, starting in Southeast Asia and making our way to Japan. This was our first time visiting Japan and it was really special because my grandma is from there. We were especially excited to visit during cherry blossom season!”

Scott and Dustin in Kona

Favourite Memory: “Travelling the island and experiencing all of the different climates.”

Inspiration: “This trip was our honeymoon. We wanted to capture our moments so that we can look back and instantly be reminded of our time in Hawaii.”

Vanessa and Michael in Venice

Favourite Memory: “Getting lost in the winding streets of Venice. We are so used to the fast pace of life back in Washington, DC where getting lost would mean we are running behind for some appointment, it was so refreshing to be in a place where it’s OK to get lost and just wander, not knowing what beautiful canal or piazza you’ll find yourself in next.”

Inspiration: “A honeymoon in Italy would not have been complete without a visit to Venice. It is such a unique and romantic city, it was the perfect way to cap off our tour of Italy. There is no place like it in the world!”