Tanis wrote us in July asking if there was “any chance” Flytographer could be launched in Santorini by late August. She was traveling to celebrate a special birthday, and luckily we managed to fast-track this location just in time…
If you’ve not yet experienced Santorini, the photos below will give you a glorious glimpse.
Can it get any more romantic, I mean really? Well, apparently it can. You see, Phil surprised Tanis by PROPOSING a few hours before the shoot.  What! I guess it was  pretty good timing for our newest vacation photographer Nikos Rigopoulos to roll on by…

Vacation Photographer Santorini, Greece. Flytographer

“As soon as I heard about Flytographer, I knew it was for me. From the first hello email, to the image delivery, and our super fun photo shoot in between, working with Flytographer has been stress free, super fun, and completely memorable, exactly like our trip to Greece.” — Tanis Fritz

Congratulations to the lovely couple!  A proposal in Santorini is a dream of many!

Oh, and did you know that we also do surprise proposal shoots? Fly On The Wall: Capture The YES!  What a memory to capture, the moment “yes” is uttered, the sheer joy…. Sigh.  We have one Fly On The Wall shoot coming up very soon, but shhh, we can’t tell you any more than that.