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When the beautiful and stylish author of lifestyle blog Style & Conversation travelled from the UK to the continent, she knew she wanted Flytographer on hand to capture her moments. Esther writes that “I don’t love being photographed and a huge chunk of my life is missing from pictures – I regret that now.” So she met with Gonçalo in Paris and Louise in Amsterdam to make sure she came home with unforgettable treasures from her trip. Read below for Esther’s favourite moments from each city.

“My husband and I just love Paris and had spent a month there last year (we are fortunate that we can both work remotely) and so we decided to do it again over Christmas and New Year’s. We just find the city so beautiful, and despite what some people may say, the French are very friendly! 
We loved having time to explore in Paris, to walk everywhere and to linger at galleries and to take time over food and wine – you don’t always get to just sit back and relax on a city break. We also spent New Year’s Eve in the exact bar we were in last year and bumped into three lovely people who had also been there last year!  We had not kept in contact so it was delightful to meet up again – and amazing – considering they’re all living in the States!” 

 flytographer: goncalo silva flytographer: goncalo silva

“I was in Amsterdam for work but fortunately I had a free day and a couple of free evenings.  My favourite evening was in a cafe/bar called Louis. I’d been in a couple of times before, but this particular evening I was there to have a bite, a glass (or two!) of red and to write (I’m currently working on some short stories).  Everyone who works there is so friendly and would stop & chat every 20 minutes or so. I’m Australian, but I honestly think the Dutch are the friendliest people I’ve ever met!
Anyway, eventually some regulars came in; they asked if it was okay to sit at my table and of course, I said yes.  The result was that we got chatting and ended up spending the evening sharing stories and great conversation (and more wine) long into the night!  It’s times like these that make travel such a gift. I NEVER write on my laptop in situations like this; I take a notebook and just scribble because I know that it’s more likely to result in a conversation. I’ve met some amazing people because they have been curious to know what I’ve been furiously writing!”

 flytographer: louise adby flytographer: louise adby

“When I knew I would be spending a month ‘living’ in Paris, I just knew I had to book Flytographer to capture some of those moments.  And I’m so pleased I did; it was a seamless service from beginning to end and everyone was so friendly and fun!  I enjoyed the shoot and love the pics – I’d recommend this service to anyone! Don’t wait until you travel – if Flytographer is in your city, go and book with them now! – Esther

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Esther, we love your blog and cannot wait to meet you again in your next port of call! xo