JoAnn wrote me this summer sharing that “her longtime girlfriend Ang, had just BEAT breast cancer and a group of friends were taking a trip to Chicago to celebrate! Was there any chance we could launch Flytographer in Chicago by mid-September?” 
OF COURSE WE WILL.” I replied. And by the way, if you write us a story like this, our team will ALWAYS work to fast-track a new location for you.  It’s stories like this that squeeze our hearts and make us move mountains.   Ang: Way to KICK CANCER’S *SS! You are amazing. And your girlfriends ROCK.

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So, anyways, Ang, JoAnn, Krista, Lisa, and Adrienne headed to the Windy City from Calgary…We captured them shopping, strolling, laughing and cocktail-ing, of course! That fella in the middle sure has a *rough* job  😉

“Love love love the photos!! It was a ton of fun and I can’t believe how great they are!! I WILL be telling all my friends and fam about you!!” — JoAnn

Girls Getaways in Chicago. Flytographer. Vacation Photographer
Chicago Girlfriends Getaway. Chicago Vacation Photographer. Girls Trip. Girls Travel. Vacation Photos.

Photographer: Jasmine Lopez

PS – It’s kinda a personal mission of mine to encourage MORE girlfriends get amazing professional vacation photos taken together. It’s one of those important life-long relationships that is often never documented in the way it deserves. The Paris photos of my BFF and I are the reason I started Flytographer. Such treasured (and FUN!) memories, of such a special relationship.

Where are YOU going with your girlfriends this year? Even if it’s a staycation, we can capture you in your hometown. Maybe a fun joint-birthday present to each other? Noodle on it… and let us know what you think. Important? No big deal? or…. priceless?


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