Welcome wedding planner friends,

Flytographer is IDEAL for all your clients: couples going on honeymoon, engagement photos abroad, or even surprise proposals. We believe memories are the best souvenirs!
Below you will find resources to help you promote and sell Flytographer to your clients in over 160 cities across the globe. We are adding new locations every month, so if your client's city of choice is not listed, let us know as it may be in our queue.

the program

  • When you signed up you chose either:
    • Value-add for your clients in the form of personalized discount booking code OR
    • A unique booking code that pays a 10% commission to you on all bookings, paid out the second Friday of every month (once the shoot has completed).  Payment is via PayPal. (If you need another method for your commission payment, please email: agents@flytographer.com)
    • Programs cannot be combined.
  • If you wish to purchase a gift card for your client, simply use your personalized gift discount code. (See booking details below.)

Forgot your unique booking code? Questions about the program or your bookings? 
Send your Wedding & Event Planner Program queries to Danica here.



  1. Research photographers by city.
  2. Select your preference(s). Inquire using the "Check Availability" button on your preferred photographer's profile page . Tell us customer name, date, city of shoot and preferred photographer(s). 
  3. A Shoot Concierge will confirm your photographer availability and send a link to book and pay.
  4. Your Shoot Concierge will confirm all the details, and your client will be on their way to capturing beautiful travel memories!



  1. Use this form to purchase a gift card. Be sure your name is in the "from" field. 
  2. Please enter your code in "Have a Code?" field to receive discount.
  3. Choose your desired template (Anniversary, Wedding, Thank You, etc)
  4. If you wish to purchase gift cards in bulk, please email Danica at: agents[at]flytographer[dot]com.


To download and link on your website.



Beautiful brochures to share with your clients!


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To share via email: Download web-resolution to share electronically; not for print.

To view online or print: Click on each image for shareable online link or to download for print-resolution. (Open brochure full screen, then open share button to locate "download". Download and print.)


Introduce Flytographer as soon as possible! We specialize in shoots at all stages of the wedding process (with the exception of the actually ceremony!) ... proposal, pre-wedding or engagement, honeymoon and anniversary! After travel has been confirmed is the right time to book, but the inquiry stage can happen anytime. 


"Since this is a special trip, you may want to consider engaging Flytographer to capture priceless memories together. Flytographer works with professional photographers in over 160 cities across the globe. The shoots are short, fun and candid in style, and their over 300 local photographers have been carefully vetted for talent and personality. They act like a local friend, strolling around & sharing insider tips as they discreetly snap beautiful memories that capture your vacation story forever. Flytographer believes memories are the best souvenirs, and connecting with a local is part of the vacation magic. If you believe that too, you will love Flytographer. Packages include a beautiful online gallery like this or this to view and share your photos, and a link to download your high res images in one click (sent by email 5 days after your shoot)."

TIP: encourage them to do the shoot early on in their trip (but not the first day). That way, if the weather is off, there are more options for re-booking; plus our photographers often share local tips that your clients can take advantage of during the rest of their visit.