Overdue Honeymoon

Photographer: Sheila |
Route: Custom Route, Las Vegas, United States



Travel Story

My partner and I had to get married in our living room 2.5 years ago as he was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time this took place covid also broke out so we had to cancel our elopement in Greece. We have just finished 807 days of treatments with hope he is now in remission. So we decided now was the time to get away and take our honeymoon as well as get some photos that we could put on the walls as wedding photos.

Travel Tips

I would highly recommend getting out to Red Rock Canyon if you can. The strip is cool and full of lots of dazzling things but to me the nature of Vegas is what I love. Bestfriends is a dynamite place to eat, as well as Hells Kitchen. Book any restaurants WAY in advance.

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