Our Fairytale trip to Tuscany

Photographer: Emma | Route: Duomo & Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Photographer: Emma
Route: Duomo & Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy


United States
@AllysonBHernandez and Mr.Cortlando

Travel Story

Allyson’s father is a wine maker, & her mother is a chef; so naturally exploring Tuscany has always been on our bucket list. I had also just gotten my ancestry results back, and turns out I am half Italian. We decided this was the year to finally take the leap, plan the perfect trip, & live our dream. What better way to start a trip than in the birth of The Renaissance - Florence. We did not expect to fall in love this this city as much as we have. The food, & the people we met was our favorite part of the trip, not to mention the breathtaking views around every corner. From Florence, we picked up our “noble steed” and drove around the Tuscan region to explore the rest that this amazing place had to offer.

Travel Tips

Highly recommend buying the Firenze pass, & on your first day reserving all of your museum times! Especially if you plan to climb the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore! The Santa Maria Del Fiore is stunning, & has detail that is just mind blowing in person. This cathedral is the jewel of Florence & I knew I wanted to capture our memories here. We are so grateful that we could work with Emma the flytographer. She was incredible & we had a great time hanging out with her! Our favorite restaurants were El Gato e la Volpe (AMAZING Carbonara & tiramisu), Osteria Santo Spirito (the Truffle Cheese Gnocchi is to die for), & Gusta Pizza (for the best pizza in Florence!). We absolutely had to see the Uffizi, Galleria Academia, Santa Maria Del Fiore, Pitti Palace, & Mossimo Leather (Allyson really wanted to purchase her first leather jacket in Florence! They have an amazing selection).

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