Familiarizing with our history

Photographer: Dana |
Route: Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary


United States

Travel Story

My husband's family is Hungarian, and we wanted to explore this region to familiarize ourselves with a place and a culture that contributed to our roots as a family. Budapest allowed us to enjoy our favorite things - wining, dining, and walking. Our favorite memory is visiting a family vineyard in the Eytek region. A woman opened up her home and cooked us chicken paprikash served alongside their wine. Her warmth and hospitality was something that we will never forget.

Travel Tips

Highly recommend taking the time to walk the streets. Budapest has an old-world bohemian vibe that is not to be missed. Pop into cafes (like Cafe Zhivago), enjoy local fare (wine spritz at Csendes), take a shot of palinka, and go to the baths. Our favorite meal was had at Retek Bistro. It's a small, female-owned and operated kitchen. Seats maybe 30 people in their dining room. Simple, romantic, and authentic.

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