Thank you for applying to Flytographer!


We really appreciate you taking the time to apply and sharing your story and work with us. As the first company to offer global vacation photography services, we understand that our customers entrust us with their precious vacation memories and value quality; we are therefore very selective in asking only very skilled and experienced photographers to join our community. 

What's next?

If your style and experience look like a good fit AND we need someone in your area, we will reach out with an email with more information and invite you to submit a portfolio for review. Please note that we keep all applications on file and review them when we need a photographer in your destination. (It is not unheard of to receive an email from us months after you've applied!)

It's been months and I still haven't heard from you. What's up?

Either we are not needing someone in your area and/or your style is not quite the right fit for our brand. You are welcome to re-apply anytime you have a major refresh of your portfolio on your website or if it's been more than a year since your last application.

In the meantime...

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