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Dreaming in Pastel

Old world and new dance together in this charming Portuguese capital. Imagine you are exploring the quintessential cobblestone streets of Lisbon by tram and admiring the colourful city.

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Lisbon city puzzle
San Francisco city puzzle

City by the Bay

The Golden Gate Bridge, rows of Victorian Painted Ladies, and cable cars running the hilly streets set the scene. Imagine you are driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and soaking up the sun in San Francisco.

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Pacific Northwest Culture

Optimistic, green and buzzed on caffeine, Seattle is an explorer’s delight. Imagine you are surrounded by the natural trifecta of ocean, forests and mountains. Seattle’s local scene is innovative, creative and eclectic.

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Seattle city puzzle
Palm Springs city puzzle

Desert Dream

Imagine you are in the Southern Oasis of palm trees and cacti. With a flamingo floatie in one arm and a drink in the other you head to the pool out back to float in the sunshine. Welcome to life in a bright, neon wonderland.

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Dreaming of Skylines

The Windy City is an urban vortex of architecture, galleries, culture, and sports. Catch a baseball game or blues club show, or book in a comedy club - Chicago has nothing but awesome on tap.

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Chicago city puzzle
Banff city puzzle

Call of the Mountains

Imagine you are in a magical world of green forests and majestic cliffs. Banff National Park in the heart of the Canadian Rockies is where you will find endless snow sports, natural hot springs, hiking and good times by the lake.

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Amalfi Coast Dreaming

Imagine sun-soaked beaches, fragrant lemon trees and colourful dwellings perched cliffside in this Italian coastal region. Grab a gelato or sip a limoncello – the Positano puzzle will have you daydreaming of Italian summers.

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Positano city puzzle
Hawaii city puzzle

On Island Time

Grab a mai-tai, sit back, and relax on the beach because you are in a Hawaiian paradise. Feel the warm ocean breeze and the soft kiss of sun on your skin. Go on vacation with your family and be taken away with this tropical activity.

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Empire State of Mind

Imagine you are in the middle of Times Square. A yellow cab whooshes by you. Ever-changing and exciting, The Big Apple is a city that reinvents itself daily. The high- tempo flavour and diversity of this city is unmatchable.

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New York City city puzzle
Singapore city puzzle

A Cultural Mosaic

A jewel in the Asian crown, this city-state blends modern luxury with its unique history and multi-cultural roots. The soaring buildings, monuments and cityscape make for a picture-perfect getaway as we put the pieces of Singapore together.

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Canadian City Lights

Canada’s largest city has endless options for those with an insatiable appetite for culture and entertainment. Let’s celebrate the diverse colours and fabric of Toronto together with a big city puzzle for the big city lover.

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Toronto city puzzle
Tokyo city puzzle

Secrets of Japan

Underneath the ultra-modern rush of Tokyo lies a sleepy fishing village of once upon a time. This city offers untold delights for those seeking a modern metropolis with an underlying culture rooted in sustainability and tradition.

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Eiffel Tower Dreaming

Imagine you are sipping on a café au lait on a terrace in Paris paired with a sweet macaron. As Audrey Hepburn said, "Paris is never a bad idea." Bring the romantic, French ambience into your home with every piece that fits together.

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Paris city puzzle
Rome city puzzle

La Dolce Vita

A spectacular lesson in the marvels of art, architecture and technology. Dream of the ancient wonders along with the cutting-edge boutiques and bars. Live life enjoying a sweet glass of vino and your Roman puzzle.

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Dreaming in Spanish

Famous for its Gaudí architecture and warm Mediterranean climate, close your eyes and dream about Barcelona. Whether you are transported to the cool sand beneath your feet at the beach, or the roar of the crowd at a Barça match ... there is nowhere quite like Barcelona.

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Barcelona city puzzle
London city puzzle

Mind the Gap

Imagine you are enjoying high tea, strolling through Notting Hill and experiencing the historical monuments of the Abbey and Palace. Walk in the footsteps of Royalty and Churchill in this bustling city.

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City of Canals

With its picturesque canals and rows of colourful 17th- century homes, Amsterdam is as pretty as a postcard. Dream of exploring this cosmopolitan city’s quirks and progressive cultural experiences by bicycle or boat.

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Amsterdam city puzzle
Venice city puzzle

City of Water

Built on stilts in the sea with waterways as streets, Venice is a beautiful tribute to opulence and world trade. Imagine you are riding in a gondola and getting lost in the maze of Venice.

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Greek Isles Await

With stacks of white-washed houses crowned by blue-domed roofs, daydream of Santorini with us. The pace of the Greek Isles will have you feeling relaxed and answering the siren song of the Mediterranean.

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Santorini city puzzle

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