"Why I Love Being a Flytographer" Video Project

Photo taken by Mankica at Barcelona meetup

Photo taken by Mankica at Barcelona meetup


Let Me Count the ways...

Love makes the world go 'round! We are so thrilled (really we are!) to have each and every one of you on our team, and we just get stronger and more awesome each time we grow.

What do you like about being a Flytographer?
Please send us a short video clip answering this question to be entered into a draw for a 30-minute gift card to use on your next holiday or to gift to someone else. 

Besides all the emoji-heart-eyed feels the whole office will experience watching your clips (and really, that's almost reason enough for us), we may also want to post your videos on Facebook, on our recruitment page, and/or use for other marketing purposes. We may mash them up, or keep them as singles, or ... ? We will figure that out once we see what we get!



  • Please keep your video to under 30 seconds and 5 MB, and shoot in landscape aspect in HD. It is fine to use your phone to record - we don't need it to be fancy but we do need you to be audible and well-lit.
  • Speak very clearly and loudly; try to limit exposure to background noise. Please also state your answer in a full sentence (eg. "I love being a Flytographer because..." or "Flytographer rocks because...").
  • Keep it simple - just a no-frills recording from the heart! No background music, text overlays or fancy transitions please.
  • We'd love you to record outdoors if possible, preferably with something unique to your location in the background for visual interest and diversity.
  • Please send videos via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: michelle@flytographer.com
  • Submissions must be received by August 31, 2016 to be entered into the draw for the gift card.