Photograph by: Gihad
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The Pyramids of Giza

World wonder | Cairo, Egypt

The pyramids of Giza need no introduction - they are a true architectural masterpiece and one of the world's most iconic structures. Notes: A travel fee is required for this route. Please arrive very early as the queues to purchase entry tickets are long. You must have Egyptian pounds to purchase tickets; please also purchase a ticket for your photographer. It is recommended to arrive at meeting point by car (you must buy a ticket for car). If you wish to hire to horse or camel for your photos, you can do so at the meeting point, not at the gates. You will require Egyptian pounds to pay for the hire. **Dress code: For all routes in Egypt, please make sure that your outfits are strictly casual and modest. Fancy or revealing clothing may result in not being able to enter certain locations. Please reach out to our Customer Experience Team if you have any questions about this.

Available Shoot Lengths:
60 min | 90 min | 2 hours | 3 hours

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