Why Vacationing With Your Toddler Is Worth It

Sometimes the stars don't align for the whole family to go on that annual vacation you've been counting down to since last year's ended. But, travelling solo (well, not quite solo in this case) can be a unique and rewarding experience. Read on for how Taya and her toddler spent their annual vacation marking three different countries off her bucket list. 

“Travel has always been key to my life so when I had my son, I wanted to ensure that didn’t change. When my husband said he couldn’t get away for our usual summer vacation, I decided to head out solo with my toddler. I selected three countries that were on my bucket list (Denmark, Sweden and Ireland), and we flew out from Toronto a few weeks later.

“When I packed up my 1-year-old son, I knew it would be an adventure. Over ten days, we had four flights, went to three countries and made memories that I'll remember forever. Travelling alone with a toddler is a unique experience, but so is being at home with a toddler - so if you’re going to get tantrums, you may as well be surrounded by beauty! It turned out to be just fine and we had a wonderful bonding time that I will also remember.

“Knowing that my son will likely not remember it, I decided to end our trip with a photoshoot in Dublin with Flytographer. Given the last minute nature of the trip, much of the arranging was done on the road and it was seamless. It was incredibly easy to coordinate and our photographer Vanessa was absolutely lovely - she had endless patience and made both of us feel at ease. I was very happy to have the two of us captured together and I will treasure those photos and the memories of the trip forever. I can’t wait for our next adventure and will definitely be bringing Flytographer along for the journey!” - Taya

Flytographer: Vanessa in Dublin

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