Your Vacation Photographers in Florida: Meet Jacob & Dannie

Meet Jacob & Dannie

A lot of our work is with couples and families. We want our clients to look natural in their photos, so we try to let them do their thing whenever possible and only intervene when we think we see a great opportunity. When we became full time photographers, one of our primary goals was to create an opportunity for us to work together. Both of us show up to every photo shoot we do, and our differing styles and talents compliment each other, making every job (and every day) more complete.

Three Things

  1. When we have enough free time we like to load up our car for a little road trip. A few days away from home is refreshing. We see new places, try new foods, and talk about life while we drive. As a bonus, home never feels more like home than when you return from an adventure.
  2. Jacob loves science fiction and when prompted, can talk about robots forever. 
  3. Even though we are both vegetarians, Dannie can tell you the secret to making the best chicken soup in the world.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Florida
Fort DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg is amazing - from wildlife to beach sunsets, it has everything that we love about Florida

Languages Spoken
English, Mandarin Chinese

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Customer Love for Jacob & Dannie....

"Jacob and Dannie were wonderful! They were friendly, and easy to work with. They were also very creative in the photography spots/poses. They photos are so beautiful, and we are so thankful to have those moments from our honeymoon captured." - Becky

"Fantastic, relaxed experience. End product AMAZING!!!!! Jacob was so accommodating and great with our baby granddaughter." - HH

"Jake and Dannie were amazing and we are beyond thrilled with how our photos turned out." - Jillian