Your Vacation Photographer in Victoria: Meet Christine

Meet Christine

I am passionate about photography. For as long as I can remember I have grabbed my camera and giggled. Before becoming a professional photographer, I was a Disability Management Consultant. I am so happy I listened to my dream and became a photographer! With camera in hand and people around me, I am one happy girl. I will capture those spontaneous smiles and unexpected expressions while everyone is having fun.

Three Things

  1. I love spending time with my husband, daughter, dog and girlfriends. A good cup of coffee, running and reading are my joys.
  2. I cherish the joy of people's company
  3. I have done t wo Ironman. Slowly!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Victoria
Victoria's parks, beaches and downtown offer endless possibilities. I love them all. When you're happy, I am happy!

Languages Spoken
I only speak English but I am really really really good at it. I have done it my whole life.

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Customer Love for Christine...

“Jon and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Christine; she was so sincerely excited and passionate about taking pictures of us. If your other shooters are anything like her, we would highly recommend your services. We love the photos." - Susan