Your Vacation Photographer in Vancouver: Meet Gillian

Meet Gillian

Your Vacation Photographer in Vancouver: Meet Gillian

Gillian is also available for 2 hour minimum bookings in Whistler.

I am a lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver. I work with lots of families and couples, as well as do styling for small businesses and other creatives. I am very inspired by classic film photography, and I think that it comes across in my photography. I love to manipulate and play with natural light, and use it to bring warmth and colour to my photographs. I love candid moments and am always looking to capture authentic expressions of love and friendship between people.

Three Things

  1. I graduated from Kwantlen University with a diploma in Fashion Marketing. Besides having my own photography business, I also work at an independent women's clothing boutique in the city, which I love!
  2. My parents are in the travel industry so I grew up visiting tons of different cities and places. I have so much fun meeting new people and sharing in experiences with others!
  3. One thing I can't live without is my husband! We have tons of fun together - he really is my best friend.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Vancouver
Jericho Beach, Gastown, Railtown, Stanley Park, VanDeusen Gardens

Languages Spoken

Customer Love for Gillian

"Gillian was amazing!! We had so much fun and felt so at ease. We are used to being behind the camera as photographers so it was a lovely change to be in front of it for once. We love the photos!" - Chantal