Your Vacation Photographer in Tampa: Meet Julie

Your Vacation Photographer in Tampa: Meet Julie

Julie is also available for minimum 60 minute shoots in Orlando, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, & Gainesville

Meet Julie

I am a southern girl at heart with a love for tradition, small talk, and home cooking. I love meeting new people, getting to hang out with them, and candidly photographing real moments in their relationships. I want you to whole-heartedly enjoy the time with your family and friends without a thought to the work going on behind my camera. I often step back in order to capture relaxed photographs of my clients, but I will give guidance if needed and direct you toward a beautiful location or lighting.

Three Things

  1. I love Barre (it's like ballet...but it hurts more), hiking (we plan to summit the tallest mountain in the US this summer!), reading, and cooking.
  2. One thing I can't live without is coffee - cold brew, lattes, and Cuban are my favorites!
  3. My friends tell me they would never have guessed it, but I grew up in an Amish Mennonite community. Somehow, I found a way to make a living with electronics. :)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Tampa

Languages Spoken
English & French

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Customer Love for Julie...

"Julie was such a great photographer! We had a great time during the photoshoot and are so happy with how the photos turned out." - Laura

"Julie was super sweet and did a great job." - Char