Your Vacation Photographer in Stockholm: Meet Maira

Your Vacation Photographer in Stockholm: Meet Maira

Maira is available to shoot all over Stockholm as well as 2 hours minimum bookings at the Stockholm Archipelago (travelling by ferry boat from Slussen harbour).

Meet Maira

My style is a mix of reportage and editorial. I love feeling a connection to my clients, discovering things in common and documenting them the way they really are. Sometimes I will give my clients a little more direction, but often I just let their story unfold in front of my lenses, and capture lots of natural, spontaneous, authentic moments. My wedding photography and film work has been featured by international wedding blogs such as Bridal Musings, Ever Ours and Those Lovely Days.

Three Things

  1. I am Brazilian and this really shows in my photos and in my personality. I love to showcase colors, happiness and the nature in my images. I am not only a photographer, I'm also a storyteller.
  2. I love to travel! As a child I lived between Brazil, Chile and France. I've been to more than 20 countries and I've lived in 4 different nations so far. I love imagining how it would be to live like the locals, so every year I plan a 3-week road trip in a different country.
  3. I watch a movie every night (sometimes I watch TV series too) and I've been keeping a list of every film I've seen since 2012!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Stockholm
Gamla Stan and Södermalm

Languages Spoken
Portuguese, English and Swedish. (I used to speak fluent French and Spanish too, but those are a bit rusty now!)


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Customer Love for Maira...

"Maira was great with me, and very understanding about how shy I can be.  Plus, she gave me some much-appreciated photography tips during our session." - Laurie