Your Vacation Photographer in Ottawa: Meet Jennifer

Your Vacation Photographer in Ottawa: Meet Jennifer

Jennifer also shoots in Amalfi Coast, Italy in the fall. Please inquire.

Meet Jennifer

I am a natural light photographer inspired by light and shadows, beauty and imperfections, whimsy and wanderlust. Beauty lives in the little, imperfect moments of everyday life. Capturing these moments is what inspires me to take photographs. I am a lifestyle photographer with a natural, soft & romantic style who would be delighted to help tell & preserve your unique story.

Three Things

  1. When not taking photographs, I am inspired by spending time by the sea, thunderstorms, the poetry of Pablo Neruda & the artwork of Marc Chagall. I love walks in the forest, enjoying a nice glass of wine & reading a good book. It is the simple things in life; there is nothing bigger, is there?
  2. One thing I cannot live without is travel...I am forever dreaming about my next travel destination.
  3. My friends all love the story of how I met my husband. We met by chance when my friend & I popped a tire on our car while on the treacherous Amalfi Coast drive. My husband helped us out and we have lived happily ever after ever since.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Ottawa
Remic Rapids, underneath Parliament Hill, and the Market

Languages Spoken
English & a little Italian

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Customer Love for Jennifer...

"My fiancé and I are absolutely blown away by this entire experience! We loved our photo shoot session so much and would highly recommend our photographer Jennifer in Positano, Italy to anyone that has the opportunity to visit this amazing place! Jennifer made our experience very relaxed and natural and she's such an easy person to get along with." - Chris & Ashley