Your Vacation Photographer in London: Meet Emiliano

Emiliano is available around London for minimum 60 minute bookings

Meet Emiliano

I have always observed everything all the time. Photography naturally became a big part of my life. I am a full time photographer in London and I love carrying a camera with me to look at things and people through the viewfinder. I find beauty and sometimes poetry in everything I see.

Three Things

  1. I like meeting new people and talk with them about everything and anything - I am full of quirky subject matter!
  2. I can't live without humour. I always find a way to turn something that's sad or too ordinary into something funny, and I think that helps a lot.
  3. I am homesick of Finland and my beloved Helsinki, even though I am Italian. I love French food but I currently live in UK.

Favourite Place to Shoot in London
Holland Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens & Notting Hill

Languages Spoken
Italian, English, French plus many words in Finnish

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Customer Love for Emiliano...

"We love the photos and had a fantastic time with Emiliano. It was such a fun day! We're really glad we did it." - Amy Jo & David 

"SO. MUCH. FUN. The photographer, Emiliano, took us to unique local spots and was just plain fun to hang around with. I love Flytographer, would absolutely use them again, or give it as a gift to others. We used the photos, which we got tons of compliments on, in our Christmas card, and are already thinking, 'where we can travel to for next year’s Christmas card photos?' It really was so much fun!" - Natalie & Bruce 

"We love the photos and Emiliano! We have to say that it is a pleasant thing to shoot with Emiliano. Not only because he is so nice to get along with, but also that we always had effective communication. Emiliano is very professional, he will give us suggestions on the posture and movements. He is also very passionate in shooting, he is always willing and able to find something nice and special in the city for our shooting. We were not much surprised when we found out how great our photos are, since it is not difficult to find Emiliano is a trustworthy photographer.  And most importantly, for sure, the photos did and will make our memory in London more sweet and unforgettable." - Jing

"Not only did we get amazing pics from our photo shoot with Emiliano but the experience was was super fun! It was a highlight of our trip that we'll never forget. Emiliano is so talented and truly a special person." - Sandy

"Emiliano is truly amazing. Every Flytographer experience we have is wonderful, but this was the best by far. Emiliano has the unique ability to make us all relaxed and happy, while he chases the perfect shot. He has an eye for the 'art of the shot' like no other photographer I have ever worked with. The result is a stunning set of photos that perfectly capture the mood and feel of the location while making my family look fantastic!" - Andy

"Emilliano is very  passionate about his work, most passionate Flytographer I ever met. He is a really fun and honest guy. He made our trip in London very memorable." - Lan