Your Vacation Photographer in Guayaquil: Meet Andrea & Cyril

Meet Andrea & Cyril

We love natural reactions and try to give our clients a different experience instead of just beautiful smiling pictures. We only live once so we try to LIVE fiercely and enjoy every little opportunity that is presented!

Three Things

  1. We fiercely believe in sharing deep moments everyday, we LOVE road trips, craft therapy and cooking.
  2. We could not live without MUSIC.
  3. Andrea has been painting with light since 2006, but it was in 2012 when she flashed directly to Cyril's heart and the couple have been working together ever since. Andrea does all the magic, Cyril is her partner in crime!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Guayaquil
The touristic areas like Malecon 2000, Estero Salado, Las Peñas, Mirador Bellavista, Plaza San Francisco, Catedral, Alcaldía de Guayaquil

Languages Spoken
English, Spanish & French

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