Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Abbi

Your Vacation Photographer in Dubai: Meet Abbi

Abbi is available to shoot all around Dubai. She can also take minimum 2 hour bookings for Abu Dhabi

Meet Abbi

I'm an energetic British-born photographer with an insatiable love of all things visual! When I'm not obsessively documenting life with my camera, you can find me exploring new countries, reading a good book or cooking a new recipe! I've always gravitated towards portrait photography, and I feel very confident making people comfortable and creating images that portray real moments and emotions.

Three Things

  1. I fell in love with photography whilst traveling barefoot around India (cliché I know!), and my passion for both travel and photography has only grown since then. Each year, I embark on two adventurous photography trips to countries I've never been to before. This year it's Lebanon and Myanmar!
  2. One thing I can't live without is my mini dachshund, Tilly.
  3. Whilst in Brazil, I lived in one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Also, when I was a child, I used to think that the world turned black and white once you got old. :)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Dubai
Old Dubai around the Creek and Bastakiya. The vibrancy and architecture are just amazing. Plus I know a lot of great places for food around there ;)

Languages Spoken

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Customer Love for Abbi...

"Abbi had a clear idea of the kind of images we were looking for and had taken the time to scout the location beforehand to have some thoughts on where might look best. She took control and directed the situations where necessary, and also took a back seat for some more natural shots in other places too. The images themselves look terrific, and sum up our holiday perfectly." - Rich

"Abbi was amazing, flexible, nice, and made us feel like we have been friends for a long time. The quality of pictures is stunning, so professional, clean, and just what we asked for." - Alya

"My husband and I had an amazing shoot with Abbi. She is the cream of the crop! She gave great direction and allowed us to pose on our own, and when we got the finished product, I was in tears, I loved them so much! She captured the emotion I was looking for. Love! Thank you, Abbi!" - Terika

"Abbi was a superb host and made us feel comfortable taking pictures in the most incredible locations. These memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives with the help of these photos." - Shahab

"Abbi was so friendly, fun and talented!" - Alice