Your Vacation Photographer in Berlin: Meet Catalina

Meet Catalina

I'm a freelance visual explainer living in Berlin and Barcelona. I run a project of photography and illustration known as The Curious Visualist. Academic delusional, eventual professor, constantly curious. 

Three Things

  1. I draw, and draw, and draw. Wherever I go, I bring my notebook, my pens, my watercolours and no matter what I'll be sketching and doodling. Oh, I'm also a professional chocolate eater.
  2. Being discreet is something that comes very easy for me, which is great for a documentary photographer… maybe being just 1.62m high helps too!
  3. I cannot live without my bike, my pens and notebooks and my camera.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Berlin
I love to shoot in Mitte close to Brandenburg Gate, because you can get a very contemporary shots at the Eisenman Holocaust Memorial, or a classic and romantic view in the Alte Gallerie.

Languages Spoken
I have a good proficiency in English & Spanish. I'm learning German and I have a "simpatico-survivor level" in Catalan and French.

Check out Catalina's Style

Catalina is available to shoot all over Berlin, as well as 2 hour minimum bookings in Potsdam