Your Vacation Photographer in Corfu: Meet Johanne

Meet Johanne

I am a French-Canadian photographer from Montréal, who had a great family opportunity to move to Corfu and took it, with no regrets! I brought from Montréal a suitcase full of photography experiences in magazines, fashion, weddings and publicity. I have develop my Corfu style now ... only natural light! Clean and colourful with lots of attention and sensibility, that's my style.

Three Things

  1. I love having quality time with my two teenagers around a home-cooked meal by my husband. I also like walking my dogs or riding my bicycle around my countryside neighbourhood.
  2. As I don't drive a car, one thing I can't live without is my scooter; it gives me independence and freedom.
  3. My friends tell me that I am real and a trustful confident.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Corfu
Liston and Asian Art Museum

Languages Spoken
English, French and basic Greek

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Your Vacation Photographer in Anchorage: Meet Anne Marie

Your Vacation Photographer in Anchorage: Meet Anne Marie

**Please note: some routes outside the city centre require shoot minimums. Anne Marie requires 2-hour booking minimums for Hatcher Pass and Portage Lake/Byron Glacier.

Meet Anne Marie

I'm a Chicago native who traded big city lights for the northern lights in 2016. My goal with every shoot is to create a relaxed space for my clients so those cherished moments - from intimate to silly - unfold naturally. The bulk of my business is weddings and portraits, but I also love capturing the landscapes and wildlife of the Last Frontier.

Three Things

  1. I have a degree in Italian, which led me to a career in the European travel industry. It was on a work trip in Italy alongside a professional photographer that I became hooked; I promptly returned to the States and bought my first DSLR. 
  2. I love to be outdoors as much as possible with my husband and pup, exploring the wonderland that is Alaska. If I have to be inside, I love to be crafting and repurposing old furniture.
  3. I know this isn't very original, but one thing I can't live without is coffee! Lucky for me, Anchorage has more coffee shops per capita than anywhere in America, so I have countless options to satisfy my habit.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Anchorage
This is a tough question. It's a close call between Glen Alps Trailhead and Beluga Point.

Languages Spoken
English, Italian

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